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Best Way to Clean Fireplace Brick – GNA Cleaning Services

You can clean fireplace brick to remove unsightly black discoloration and smoke smell if your fireplace has soot stains on its hearth or brick facade. In spite of the fact that fireplaces are magnificent focal points in living rooms, maintaining them can be difficult. It is inevitable that soot will accumulate on the hearth and facade of your brick fireplace, no matter how well you maintain it. Unlike other surfaces, bricks have many tiny holes that make them porous, which makes cleaning them a difficult task. The best way to clean brick fireplace is made easier with a few tricks, however.

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Our Recommendations for the Best Way to Clean Brick Fireplace!

A similar warning is included in the Brick Industry Association’s cleaning instructions. “Some bricks, their surface coatings, and cleaning solutions may cause worsen stains. Depending on the brick, the surface coating, and the cleaning solution, sometimes stains can occur. Testing a small area of the project before attempting to clean the whole thing is always recommended.”

Saturate first:

“Due to its porous nature, brick absorbs cleaning solutions instantly, discolouring it immediately,” Using clear water to clean bricks acts as a barrier to prevent cleaning solutions from penetrating inside.

Start with a mild cleaner:

Begin with small steps. Using a mild solution as a starting point, you can gradually increase the strength across the brick over time. A gentle method of cleaning is also recommended by the Brick Industry Association. Among the mildest to the strongest solutions are:

  • Tartar cream and water
  • In the kitchen, vinegar
  • Baking soda and dish soap
  • Salt and soap for the dishes
    Fireplace Cleaner Quick N Brite
  • Water and boric acid
  • Cleaning foam for bathrooms
  • Dish soap and ammonia


With a sponge soaked in the cleaning solution, wipe down the brick starting from the top. When necessary, replace the solution by squeezing the sponge. It is possible to remove grime from bricks with a sponge by spraying it with a cleaning solution and scrubbing it with the sponge.


With a clean sponge and clear warm water, rinse the bricks once you have cleaned them to your satisfaction. The cleaning solution shouldn’t dry on brickwork, according to the Brick Industry Association. The brick surface consistency shouldn’t be changed by the solution.

It may take longer and require more effort to clean the brick inside the fireplace than the one outside, but both can be cleaned using the same steps. If you don’t want to work with a dirty sponge, make sure you rinse it or change your cleaning solution frequently. You can call our experts from GNA Cleaning Services Company in North Hollywood, CA. We have the best way to clean brick fireplace. Our services will make you comfortable and provide you with pleasure.

With Detergent and Salt, You Can Clean Fireplace Bricks – How Does It Work?

Before using more harsh chemicals, try this mild cleaning method first.

Remove All the Coals From the Fireplace

Make sure you start with a completely cold fireplace. When you’re ready to clean, take out the great and any leftover ashes. Then use a vacuum with a brush attachment to manually remove as much soot and dust as you can.

MiXing of Solution!

Using two tablespoons of grease cutters and two spoons of dish detergent, wash one gallon of warm water. Add one cup of distilled white vinegar to the second bucket of cool water.

Stained Areas Should Be Sprayed

Using a spray bottle, you can spray plain water on the stained area if the stain needs to be removed. Keep bricks from drying out by focusing on smaller areas.

Get Ready With Scrubbing Brush

Sprinkle liberally with table salt after dipping the scrub brush in the dishwashing liquid solution. Soot will be loosened from brick with the help of salt, which acts as a mild abrasive. You now need to rub the sooty areas with elbow grease.

Rinse with water

It is best to use a sponge to remove as much detergent as possible and any loose soot that may be present. Use the leftover sponge to wipe down the cleaned area after dipping it in the vinegar and water solution. You can dispel smoky odors by using vinegar to remove soapy residue.

Repeat The Whole Procedure!

Clean again with fresh cleaning solutions if the bricks are still stained

Call GNA Cleaning Services For Professional Cleaning!

Our cleaning services are offered by experts who know the best way to clean brick fireplace in North Hollywood, CA. Our knowledge and skills for the best way to clean brick fireplace will provide you with peace of mind that you have a clean and maintained fireplace. Contact us right now to know about cleaning a brick fireplace.

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