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best way to clean stone fireplace - GNA cleaning services
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Best Way To Clean Stone Fireplace – GNA Cleaning Services

Here at GNA Cleaning Services, with many years in the fireplace trade, we’ve received several questions that range from the trivial to the bizarre over the years.

In order to provide you with expert advice, we have compiled the most frequently posed fireplace questions.

Let’s begin by discussing how to clean stone fireplaces. If the wrong cleaning products are used, stone can weaken over time, even though it may seem like one of the toughest materials on earth. We offer the best way to clean a fireplace in North Hollywood, CA.

Best Way to Clean Stone Fireplace – How to Do It?

To prevent spills from any cleaning solution, place tarps or plastic sheets on the stone fireplace mantel before beginning to clean it.
Stone fireplace cleaner requires the following:

  • A bucket of one gallon
  • Bristle brush with soft bristles
  • Dishwasher detergent liquid
  • Bowl for mixing
  • Water

Keep your fireplace cleaning simple – do not use anything too powerful when mixing one. Keeping your fireplace clean doesn’t mean stripping it of its character! Soot and dirt should be gently removed. It is simply a matter of mixing three parts of water with a small quantity of liquid detergent and mixing it well.

A hydrochloric acid solution will help you remove stubborn stains. Adding a small amount of dishwashing detergent to the mixture will make it easier to stir. Always wear protective gloves when working with an acid solution, and after removing the stain, rinse it off with water.

A sponge pre-soaked in water is the best way to clean your stone fireplace mantel. During the cleaning process, this will prevent scratching or etching.

When the area has been pre-soaked, scrub it carefully with your fireplace stone cleaner. As soon as the cleaning solution has been removed, quickly rinse the area with warm water. Keep the stone wet at all times.

Best Way To Clean Stone Fireplace – Pizza Stone Cleaning

You might be worried about burnt food on your pizza stone if you use it for making pizzas with an amazing crisp crust. Remove as much burnt food as possible before cleaning the stone’s surface to prevent setting off your smoke detector. You will have a successful pizza night with this stone, no matter what the stain looks like. Using a scouring pad or sturdy bristle brush, scrub the stone with hot water in your sink. With the hot water, rinse off the loosened bits. The stone will need a lot of time to dry if you soak it in water.

Best Cleaners – Best Way to Clean Stone Fireplace

Take 1/2 cup of either: hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, or bleach combined with one gallon of water. Mixing bleach and ammonia is not recommended. Bleach or hydrogen peroxide should be used to clean light-colored stones. The best way to clean dark-colored stones is to use lacquer thinner or acetone.

Granite Fireplace Cleaning Tips

1. A dry, soft cloth can be used to dust the stone.
2. Ensure the water is slightly sudsy by adding just enough water.
3. Clean your granite with soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth.

Use Of Dawn Soap On Stone!

Use liquid soap, Dawn to clean stone surfaces, and warm water to remove dirt and debris. You can use products that contain lemon, vinegar, or other acids away from limestone and marble. Following the soap solution, rinse the surface with water and wipe it dry.

Suggestions and Tips To Follow!

  • Stone and brick fireplaces should never be cleaned with flammable liquids. The residue will be insoluble and will pose a serious fire hazard if left in open flames.
  • Using bleach carelessly and sparingly can fade stone.
  • The more water you use, the less streaking you will have. In general, the cleanest areas of the stone had water flowing down from high points from which it was wetter.
  • Testing a cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area is always a good idea before starting work. Prior to taking on the rest of the project, wait 24 hours for the test spot to dry.
  • Make sure the fireplace is cold before working on it. Clean a fireplace that is not in use or one that has been heated.
  • When cleaning the fireplace face, remove all fire debris and ash.

Top Leading GNA Cleaning Services!

If you’re searching for the best way to clean the fireplace, then call us because we have all the necessary tools and budget-friendly detergents that can clean your fireplace stone perfectly. Our services are enough to clean and make your fireplace dust free. Contact us as soon as you see that your fireplace needs cleaning expert services. With extensive experience along with great knowledge of cleaning, our experts will provide you with suggestions and tips for the next time.

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