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How to Clean Fireplace Brick With Dawn? – Expert Suggestions!

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting next to a fireplace until you see all the soot on its front. Do you have any experience putting on “blinders” to avoid distraction? Our fireplace needed to be cleaned, but we had been putting off scrubbing it for so long because it seemed so big. Your hands were now stained with grime, and we had no choice but to take action.

GNA Cleaning Services has provided a list of tips below to keep your fireplace brick looking great if you are fortunate enough to have one. Afterwards, you are free to relax.

What are Bricks and Soot?

When wood, coal, or other organic matter is not burned completely, soot is created.

Ghosting is the discoloration of walls and ceilings that occurs when even very small amounts of soot are present. Three reasons make soot difficult to remove;

  • Black carbon
  • Oil
  • Smoke

For their strength and durability, bricks are fired after the clay is shaped. It is possible to seal or unseal bricks. Soot stains are more difficult to remove from sealed bricks.

Safety instructions to Clean Fireplace Brick With Dawn!

When cleaning brick, you should follow these safety tips:

  • Protect your skin by wearing rubber gloves. It can be hard to clean bricks by using brick cleaners with your hands.
  • If you are concerned about splattering, wear goggles. Cleaning solutions, as well as dirt and grit, can significantly damage the eyes.
  • Before using another cleaning solution, rinse the brick completely with chemicals.
  • Follow all instructions on cleaning products carefully.
  • A well-ventilated room is important. When using ammonia, open the windows.
  • Cleaning chemicals should never be mixed with each other.

Toolkits for Cleaning

Before you begin, gather your supplies. This will save time, make cleaning more efficient, and prevent you from getting distracted while cleaning or spilling around.

  • Brush with nylon bristles
  • The sponge
  • Painting brush
  • Spray bottle
  • Green scrubby
  • Rags for cleaning
  • Broom or vacuum cleaner
  • Cloth for dropping
  • Gloves
  • Spectacles

Work For Preparation!

  1. Before you start cleaning your bricks, it is very important to do some prep work.
  2. To remove loose dirt and debris from brick walls, fireplaces, fireplace surrounds, and floors, vacuum them first.
  3. The best way to prepare brick surfaces is to vacuum them since they tend to collect dust and cobwebs. Once the debris on the surface is removed, you can proceed to a deeper cleaning by removing it from brick joints as well as removing it from the top surface.
  4. Make sure your carpet or flooring is protected by a tarp around the base of your fireplace.
  5. Clean loose dirt and dust with a vacuum that has a brush attachment (or sweep if necessary). It is best not to scrub the brick using dirty water after it has been wet.
  6. Getting started is just simple: putting on protective gear and getting down to business!

Methods For Cleaning!

Each cleaning solution is ranked according to how aggressive it is chemically. To work up to a more aggressive approach, we recommend beginning with the gentlest approach. Rather than relying solely on stronger methods like TSP, we recommend cleaning the brick first with Dawn in order to remove the grime. With the detergent, you will be able to remove grease more effectively.

When painting or sealing your brick, exercise caution. Ensure the solution will not damage the surface by testing it in an inconspicuous area before use.
Lastly, use clothing that you’re not concerned about staining because brushes can spray chemicals on clothing.

Clean Fireplace Brick With Dawn – An Easy Process!

Most dirt and dust that cannot be removed by vacuuming can be removed easily and quickly with this method.
Since it is a degreaser, you can remove greasy tar and smoke with dishwashing detergent. Brick is also not damaged by regular dishwashing detergent.
Mixing water and dish detergent can make a cleaning solution to spray on surfaces. The disinfected area should also be sprayed with plain, warm water that has been poured into a second spray bottle.

Solution for Cleaning:

  • Dish detergent Dawn in 1/2 cup
  • Hot water in four cups

Cleaning Process:

1. Spray a small section of brick with a disinfectant to make sure it is clean.
2. Brush nylon bristles with a scrub brush.
3. Ensure that the water is clean before rinsing.
4. Make sure the cloth is dry before storing.

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